Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Flying crepes for lunch at the academy

They arrived at the Nook to find the atmosphere lively and the food flying. Fill-your-own-crepes were on the menu. In order to ensure the pancakes were as light as possible, the chefs decided to prepare them up in the arcade that rimmed the top of the multi-story room. They then flung the wafer-thin disks out over the heads of the waiting diners who scrambled to grasp the airborne hotcakes before their neighbors could. 
Lazy-susan trolleys were wheeled up and down the aisles, carrying both sweet and savory dishes. The savory carts offered a variety of hot fillings such as spinach with water chestnut and cheese; beef stroganoff; ham with eggs and Hollandaise; and sour cream chicken with mushrooms. The sweet filling selections included caramelized Brie and pear; pumpkin cheesecake; banana cream; and strawberries with Nutella. 
The entire dining hall moaned in culinary bliss. Pete hadn’t realized how hungry he was until he started eating. In fairness to the chefs in the balcony, he thought it only right that he sample all of the fillings. Eight crepes later, he was moaning too, in his case from overindulgence.

Excerpt - Peter Swift from Dimension Q - to be released 31 December 2016.

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