Random words of praise

Wowzers! I was surprised and overjoyed by these words found in my Facebook feed by the author who shared a post on the upcoming Omni-con event.  Thank you again, Frisco del Rosario!
"I'd recommend the Academy of Omniosophical Arts and Sciences to any creative sort, especially the nascent. The omniverse is divided into schools by element, and it's as shared as much as you want it to be. Some folks are writing in-the-'verse, but independent of others, while some fledglings are benefiting from the amazing support of founder JS Devivre. The fortunate folk who attend this convention will discover it's more than a con; Devivre's job used to be inventing immersive experiences for her customers. She molds real-world objects and activities (the course catalog and campus maps are much more detailed than they have to be) to fit the omniverse belonging to the creator."