Manners Monday

Beginning September 2017, you are invited to send in your peskiest questions. Then brace yourself for the answers as your Mistress of Manners, Joy, tackles the hard-hitting issues of the day.

Today's featured question comes from Whitney R.
"If your feet stink should you still take off your shoes when entering a person's house or pretend you didn't notice everyone in socks?"

Dear Knockout, 

Before tackling this odorous question, let's take a moment to be grateful for the fact one has feet in the first place ... There. Now let's march on to the subject at heel. If hosts observes a policy of asking guests to take off their shoes prior to entry, such persons are no doubt accustomed to a variety of aromas wafting through their front doors. If one fears his/her trotters' emanations may cause the dining table centerpiece to wilt or their fellow guests to lose their appetites, that dear one should consider either ducking into the WC for a quick round of yoga-pose feet washing in the sink (making sure to mop up thereafter) or ask the hostess for a pair of socks to borrow. If this is an ongoing issue, keeping an extra pair of socks on hand for shoeless visits may be a good practice to 'boot'

Fragrantly yours,
the Manners Maven

* * *

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