At Home

Authorpreneur J.S. Devivre spends her days serving as Headmistress of Siren School,  and working toward the Fall 2017 opening of Whimsicalitea—an Eclectic Event & Experience Emporium in coastal SoCal.

In her off hours she volunteers as a plenipotentiary for the Academy of Omniosophical Arts and Sciences and hostess for the Tea Travellers Societea.

Miss Devivre is a former playwright and editress of la Vie Sirene magazine. Currently, she is penning and editing a variety of series. Foremost is Mind the Portal, the first in Pete Trench's five-part coming-of-age story set at the Academy. A pair of inter-related whodunit series along with a high fantasy saga patiently sit on the drawing board at present, waiting for all the academy brouhaha to die down so they can have their day in the reading sun. 

For  the Tea Travellers, Miss Devivre is slowly compiling a fourth regional tearoom guide, editing Reading Between the Leaves (the second installment of the 1920s Tea Cozy Mysteries), and occasionally creating Cup of Mystery tea parlour whodunit games

Afternoon tea, Cirque du Soleil, and travel are her confessed vices. Her assistant is an English bulldog pup named Molly.