Sunday, June 17, 2018

Thank you, Gayle

"Imagine being pulled through a hole in the ground into another dimension. Imagine beings from dozens of other dimensions, some look human, some appear to be....not. The young hero of this book invents things. He loves doodling and creating gadgets and finds his current circumstances less than challenging. He finds himself in an inter dimensional school and suddenly, his world becomes large and exciting. This is an imaginative story that creates a colorful, living world completely different from anything I have read before. I found it difficult to put down. I was very disappointed that the second book is not yet available." ~Gayle S., Amazon review

Editor's note: The 2nd book in the series, Living in Oblivion will be available 21 September 2018.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Silent no more

The script for the 1920s whodunnit Broken Silence is finis! 
13 volunteer participants & 23 props/clues made it into the final cut. 
I've been wanting to write this audience-participatory mystery since I came up with the logo nearly 20 years ago!!! 

Friday, June 8, 2018

The 1920s with a bang!

Whenever I do research on "methods of dispatch" for mysteries, I worry that a SWAT team is going to get hold of my internet search history and swoop in and arrest me on the spot. Today's delve into 1920s modes accomplishable in a tearoom has been a zinger.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Random words of praise

Wowzers! I was surprised and overjoyed by these words found in my Facebook feed by the author who shared a post on the upcoming Omni-con event.  Thank you again, Frisco del Rosario!
"I'd recommend the Academy of Omniosophical Arts and Sciences to any creative sort, especially the nascent. The omniverse is divided into schools by element, and it's as shared as much as you want it to be. Some folks are writing in-the-'verse, but independent of others, while some fledglings are benefiting from the amazing support of founder JS Devivre. The fortunate folk who attend this convention will discover it's more than a con; Devivre's job used to be inventing immersive experiences for her customers. She molds real-world objects and activities (the course catalog and campus maps are much more detailed than they have to be) to fit the omniverse belonging to the creator."

Friday, April 13, 2018

Patience & Persistence

The virtue of persistence and patience for all you wistful writers who fear it’s never gonna happen ~
  • 1915-1920: J.R.R. Tolkien serves in the British Army (age 23-28)
  • 1916: He begins work on his fictional world of Middle Earth with “The Fall of Gondolin” based on WWI’s Battle of the Somme (age 24)
  • early 1930s: Tolkien starts writing "The Hobbit" (nearly 40 years of age)
  • 1937: "The Hobbit" is published (age 45)
  • 1937-1949: Writes "The Lord of the Rings" as a sequel to "The Hobbit" (age 45-57)
  • 1954: "The Lord of the Rings" is published (age 62) and goes on to become one of the most beloved books of all time with more than 150 million copies sold