Tea Cozy Mysteries

Penelope Price Tea & Sympathy stories {1920s}

The White Glove Consortium 

(upside-down-stairs series set in the 1880s)
  • The WGC versus the Great House (2022)

The White Glove Consortium will be introduced to the world at an 1880s themed upside-down-stairs tea on 26 February 2022 at Paris In A Cup tea salon.

The first novel's launch will be part of the 13 March 2022 book release party for participants of the Author's Journey publishing program.

And the Tea Travellers Societea will host a walk-in-the-footsteps of the characters train trip to San Francisco & Sacramento 1-4 April 2022.

Suffragette Explorer 
Dorothea Tate's Marvels & Mysteries {1900s}

The Social Bluebook Dispatches featuring Pete & Patsy Charleville {1950s}

The White Glove Consortium versus the Garderobe
 - the first in the WGC series (2021)

Cup of Mystery cold cases  
  • Earl Graves 
  • Marmalaid to Rest 
  • Quiche l'Arraigned 
  • Scone Cold Dead 
  • Vanishing Cream 
  • 3 part Triple Player 
  • Roleplaying mystery Not to Be Trifled with 

The Tea Traveller's Constant Companion regional tearoom guides

  • Falling - Kindle, Paperback: Science Fantasy Adventure (written in 30 days as part of the National Novel Writing Month challenge of 2014. The activity helped me get through being bed-ridden when gravely. The manuscript is unedited and is only here to serve as a reminder of how if I could get through that dark time, I can get through anything life throws at me!)