Your 2017 To Be list

Pondering your new year regimen? Or perhaps plotting your lengthy To Do list?

I've decided to start 2017 off by creating a new list each day — 
a To Be list. 

For the last couple of years I've ended each day by going over the day's productivity in terms of how much did I love ... how grateful was I and so on.

But this year I'm turning things around and beginning the day in similar fashion. On my list today are entries such as:

  • Be more understanding when it comes to So-and-So who is ranting (yet again)
  • Be easy-going with yourself for oversleeping by two hours this morning (woops)
  • Be good-humored with that person who thrives on seeing the bad in every situation and sharing it ad infinitum

As with any To Do list, there may be things I fail to check off each day, but if I can even conquer one item on my list per day, I will feel like I am not only being productive, but being of benefit to those around me, and through the ripple effect, those around them.

I'm truly looking forward to 2017 and especially to my new To Be list.

What will you put on your list? 
And what sorts of results do you expect?